Welcome ... What is Reflexology?

Hello there,
My name is Adam C.O. Thomas and I wanted to invite you to the world of Reflexology. This blog is intended to share this wonderful world of Reflexology with you.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is working on the feet, hands and ears using a compression technique or a firm comfortable digital (finger, thumb) pressure applied with the hands to improve circulation, promote relaxation and assist in assimilation and elimination of anything that we are processing with the body. Our goal in Reflexology is to relax the muscles, tendons, tissues by breaking up tightness, calcium deposits and what ever else gets in the way of the optimal foot condition and performance. By improving the condition of the feet the whole body experiences a feeling of well being, all the organs of the body have more space to operate and function. These happy feet then provide more of a foundation for the body and mind to operate and carry out the greatest grandest vision that we ever held of ourselves.

The feet can reveal your sub-conscious
One of the greatest things that I have found from working with the feet is I get the honour of working with a persons soul through access of the persons sole. Once you have learned how to walk, the feet and legs are not used in the conscious level of thinking anymore and move into the sub-conscious level. These feet now start to reveal incredible information about how a person is operating their walk through life. Every callous, every pain and everything that shows up on the foot can lead you to a very different and interesting view of what is going on in the sub-conscious mind.

I will be submitting Reflexology articles from time to time so if you are interested in Reflexology please follow this blog.

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