Interesting connections with Japan and Feet

I have run across some crazy connections along my path, you could say fate or someone even dropping clues as to YES you are on the right path. Here are a couple of them.

  1. Because of the Reflexology I meet my wife. I was scheduled to do my Reflexology practicum at this place that offered Specialized Applied Kinesology which is what got me into Reflexology in the first place but I did not feel it was a good fit, so I did not go there. I recieved a call from a professional Reflexologist the person who was my first to work on other than my class mates and offered me  to work where she did. I was so excited ... I could finish my practicum. The job was working week-ends at a hair salon downtown on Robson Street. To make a long story short this is where I met my Wife, Emi. Which was my gateway into Japan.
  2. I got Married to Emi very fast and had 2 Marriages one in Japan (This is where Emi is from) and One in Canada (On my parents property) The Crazy foot connection here is that Emi's home town is called "Ashikaga", "Ashi" means legs and feet but mostly referres to the feet. So All over the city on man hole covering, on water lines and pretty much everything that has to do with the city has a marking of the feet. Crazy Eh? Look at the pictures below it is in Kanji (Chinese charaters, Japanese use these aswell as japanese charaters) and it represents a little person in movement. You can see the head, neck, one arm, and 2 legs in a running motion.

  3. The Shires or Temples in Japan are Amazing and again I found a connection with feet. When you enter a temple you take a certain path and after you make a prayer or wish to the deity at the Temple or Shire you take a separate path and the meaning is that you are now walking a new path leaving the old way you use to walk and bringing in a new way of your walk through life.
Thanks I know there will be more to come.
Yours warmly,