Reflexology Desserts to de-stress

Dessert anybody?

Desserts are what my Reflexology instructor called the relaxation or warm up techniques in Reflexology. I really like this term ... she also used to say "we are lucky as Reflexologists because we get to have Dessert, before, during and after a Reflexology session". Another great thing about calling them Desserts is in the name. Take the De turn the sserts around and you get De-Stress ... which in my opinion is the main benefit of these techniques.

It seems to be the simple things, the most fundamental techniques in Reflexology that can have the most impact in a session.

One of my first experiences with the power of Reflexology

I was working at a hair salon downtown Vancouver on week-ends during my Reflexology practicum. I had an elderly lady who wanted to work on her balance and mobility, she came in every week with her walker. After about 2 months of weekly appointments she just stood up and started walking out of the session room towards the front to pay for her session. I was in complete shock as I followed her with her walker.
So, what Reflexes did I work?
One of the things that surprised me the most was after the first session with her I had decided to only work desserts since I found her feet so rigid, that I found no point in working all the Reflexes until her feet had loosened up. I would work an entire 45minutes doing Reflexology Desserts, making sure to relax every muscle and tendon in her feet and ankles with gentle stretches. I did not even get to the Reflexes and she was already walking with ease and grace. Totally amazing.
These Desserts were the first techniques I became familiar with, and now I know how powerful they are. These Reflexology Desserts can be used as an entire session all on their own.
I have make some quick videos explaining these in detail and I have included the links below. Enjoy! Happy Reflexology!!!
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