Want to become more flexible in 3 minutes?

We'll you can with Reflexology and more specifically Ear reflexology. 
This is also a cool party trick? Try this simple ear massage to become more flexible and even improve your overall health.
The ear massage process

Assessment - Look over your right shoulder keeping your shoulders square to the body and pick a spot on the wall that is the furthest you can see, take a mental snap shot. Repeat over the left shoulder. Then bend over without moving your feet and see how close your hands can get to the floor.

The ear massage
 1. Unfold the ears - start at the top of the ear using your index finger and thumb, unfold the flap on the outside edge of the ear and work your way down to the ear lobe. Repeat 3 more times

2. Stretch in four directions - grab the tip of the ear and pull up, grab the middle of the ear and pull back, grab the ear lobe and pull down, then put your index finder in the ear hole touching that little flap and pull out. Up, back, down and out. Repeat 3 more times. 

3. Ear massage - Using your index and thumb massage the entire ear releasing little cracks and crunches you hear. Do this until the ears are red and very warm.

The Check Assessment - Repeat the Assessment,  look over your right shoulder then left shoulder and then bend over and touch the floor.

Did you notice any change? 
Most people notice a huge change, they are able to look and bend way farther then they could 3 minutes ago. Some people might experience more suble changes like they might feel more relaxed, clearer mind or even an energy boost. Some people do not notice anything and this is also fine.

Image 1
More flexibility with Ear reflexology 
What did we work? - Ear Reflexology

The ears represent the whole human body like a fetus/baby just before it is born (see - Image 1with the spine on the outside of the ear, the head in the earlobe and the rest of the body on the inside of the ear.

So what we worked in the video above was basically the spine and then a quick once over the whole body. 

This is a great exercise to do right before an exam or if you are stuyding and are feeling a little sleepy this will give you a little energy to pull you through. The ears are also very easy to work ... when at a stop light or waiting for a bus. Enjoy your ears! 
Happy Reflexology, 

Here is another interesting ear video I found and wanted to share.